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Energy Savings

The initial cost of filters vs. the cost of energy to move air through these filters is one of the most misunderstood concepts in the industry. Today's commercial and industrial buildings spend 40% of their budgets on heating and cooling the building. Of that cost, 80% is spent on energy and 20% is spent on filters. Reducing energy usage in a building is the hidden gold mine when trying to save money.

Filters with high initial pressure drops cause HVAC units to run longer and work harder to heat and cool buildings. The extra energy used in these systems causes companies to waste thousands of dollars a year that could be saved by using filters with lower initial pressure drops. Summit Filtration believes in selling filters that allow HVAC units to use as little energy as possible. Summit technicians can survey and analyze the types of filters installed in a facility and then document actual dollar savings on annual energy costs that can be achieved when longer lasting filters with lower pressure drops are installed.

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