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Summit Filtration believes the value of a filter distributor to an end user is in providing a complete system management program.  Before an order is placed to Summit Filtration, an on-site survey is often recommended to ensure the filters being used are providing maximum value to the customer and their operating system.

ServicesThe value in buying a filter is often not found in the unit cost of the filter, but in the life, performance, energy savings, and disposal cost during and after the filter's installation time in a unit.  Summit Filtration provides on-site air particulate testing for customers to determine the filter that best meets an individual location's filtration demands.  Results of these reports can be presented to the customer in booklet form or by projector presentation for larger audiences at individual sites.

Summit Filtration represents a variety of manufacturers that offer filter testing to determine the remaining life of a filter in a system.  Individual filters can be removed from a system after a certain amount of time, sent off for testing to determine pressure drop and dust loading, and a report is returned with an estimated time of left in that filter bank.  Again, the goal is to maximize the value of the filter over its installation life.

Summit Filtration's stocking capability allows our customers to rest assured that when they place an order, those filters will be available.  Just-in-time delivery programs can be set up through Summit's customer service department to keep end users from tying up valuable capital keeping unused filters on their shelves.

In addition to our testing and survey capabilities, Summit Filtration's service department is available for filter delivery, filter changeouts, and filter disposal.  The added benefits Summit Filtration provides its customers make Summit the logical choice to fill all of your filtration needs.

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