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Pleated Dust Bags

Mikro-Pleat™ Pleated Filters

Mikro-Pleat pleated filters combine the advantages of both traditional pulse-jet filter bags and cartridge filters. Mikro-Pleat pleated filters can improve the performance of your existing baghouse by increasing the effective cloth area.

Space and Cost Efficient

By installing this media in your existing housing, you can significantly increase baghouse performance without altering the size of the baghouse. In many instances, a Mikro-Pleat pleated filter can provide two or more times the cloth area of a conventional filter bag. The unique design of our Mikro-Pleat pleated filters assures increased capacity and better operating efficiencies.

If you wish your old dust collector was as easy to operate as a cartridge collector, Menardi and Summit Filtration can also help. Our service team can convert your physically sound old collector to an efficient, easy to use cartridge or pleated filter style unit. Pulse-jet, old-style shakers, reverse-air, tubular and envelope bag collectors are often converted by our experienced service teams.

Durable Construction

What makes Mikro-Pleat pleated filters so versatile is their special filter media and pleat construction. Mikro-Pleat pleated filters are constructed of a special spunbond nonwoven filter media. This media is very strong and its density promotes surface filtration of dust and easy release of the collected particulate. Because of its strength and durability, this media can be formed into wide pleats which operate at higher air to cloth ratios without plugging. Pressure drops are drastically lowered and users are experiencing extended filter life and reduced compressed air consumption.

Reduce Maintenance Time

With Mikro-Pleat pleated filters, the need for separate support cages is eliminated. This one piece pleated filter dramatically reduces change-out costs. These pleated filters are easy and quick to install and remove. Mikro-Pleat pleated filters have a wide variety of tubesheet attachment styles, permitting both clean and product side installations. In addition to a number of standard variations, you can choose the Mikro-Pleat HYPERLINK "" Pop-Top® pleated filter which is Menardi's patented collar and venturi design that does not require any special tools or clamps for installation and can be made to fit 5.0", 5.0625", 5.25", 6.0", and 6.25" diameter tubesheet holes.

Application Versatility

Mikro-Pleat pleated filters are more resistant to temperature, moisture and abrasion that other filter cartridges. In fact, they are even washable in some cases, allowing complete cleaning of the filters to avoid collected product contamination. Typical applications where Mikro-Pleat pleated filters are used include:

  • Foundries
  • Paint and Pigments
  • Chemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Cement
  • Toners
  • Food
  • Metals